The Shelter Movers of Toronto provides safe, respectful moving services at no cost to persons fleeing abusive households in Toronto, Canada. We envision a Toronto where fleeing abuse is easier, better supported and barrier-free for everyone.

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Who We Are

The Shelter Movers of Toronto Inc. is a federally incorporated, volunteer-based non-profit charity serving persons experiencing domestic violence in Toronto, Canada.

How We Work

The Shelter Movers of Toronto collaborates with local shelters, victim service agencies and law enforcement to provide no-cost moving services to persons fleeing abuse.

3 types of services are offered:

1. Urgent Exit: When it is safe to do so, our volunteers will arrive at your home to help pack up some essential items. When you are ready, our volunteers will transport you and the packed items to a shelter that has agreed to receive you.

2. Escorted Move: If you are already living in a shelter, our volunteers will return to the household with you and a Police escort, and help you pack your personal items. Then, we return you to the shelter and place your items in storage until you are ready to resettle in a new home.

3. Resettlement Move: When you have decided to move out of the shelter, our volunteers will pick you up and deliver you and your items to the new home. 

How to Reach Us

For security reasons, The Shelter Movers of Toronto cannot be contacted directly by phone. Once you find a shelter that can receive you, that shelter will make arrangements with us.

To share your comments, learn about volunteering or submit a media request, please write us at

How to Access a Shelter in Toronto

For information on accessing an emergency shelter, call 311 or Central Intake (416-338-4766; toll free 1-877-338-3398). 

If you are in danger, call 911 immediately.

Other Resources

Assaulted Women's Helpline - 416-863-0511 or toll-free 1-866-863-0511

Services for abused women, including