As a volunteer-based non-profit organization, our ability to help those fleeing abusive households depends on the kindness of those willing to contribute their time, skills and energy. Might you be one of those people? 

Connect with us

We want to know more about you! Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at Check out the current opportunities below, or tell us how you would like to help and we'll do our best to find a great fit based on your skills and interests. 

Ready to make a difference? Join up and tell us about you!

Volunteering with The Shelter Movers of Toronto is easy: 

  1. Email our Volunteer Coordinator at  expressing your interest in volunteering with us! We’ll get back to you and set up a phone interview to get to know each other better.
  2. Fill out a Volunteer Registration Sheet and a Confidentiality Agreement and send them to along with supporting documents. 
  3. For security reasons, a valid Police Clearance Letter is needed. This document can be requested online.  If the $20 fee is a financial barrier, let us know and we will reimburse you!

Perks of volunteering include ongoing training / educational opportunities and hands-on experience in your community. Not to mention, you'll be creating real change for the better!

Help right now - Spread the word!

Part of breaking the cycle of domestic violence is getting out the message that The Shelter Movers of Toronto's no-cost moving services is ready and available. Spreading the word is as simple as: 

  • Mentioning our website to friends and coworkers;
  • 'Liking' our page on Facebook and commenting / sharing our page or others' pages that feature us; and
  • Pledging to End Domestic Violence with the #MoveToEndDV. 

What kinds of jobs are needed? What is the time commitment?

Though we prefer to let you decide how you would like to support The Shelter Movers of Toronto, there are a few jobs with which we could use your help: 

Current Opportunities

Administrative Support
Provide administrative support to the various teams; take minutes, data entry, research, etc.

Partnerships Team 
Assist in the fostering of partnerships with various community agencies, Toronto Police Services, and City shelters.

Bookkeeping, Financial Reporting and Filings

Drafting grant proposals and letters of inquiry; assist in the development of fundraising strategies; identifying key funding partners; planning and working at fundraising events; contacting potential donors

Responsible for packing and transporting items weighing up to 20lbs

Move Coordination
Responding to requests from shelters, contacting available volunteer movers and serving as coordinator between SMT Movers, referring agencies and the Clients. 

Public Relations
Contacting media for interviews / promotion of SMT; Regularly monitoring and updating website and social media accounts; Drafting press releases and responses to requests for information from the public

Risk Management
Drafting Memoranda of Understanding, waivers; advising on legislative requirements relating to incorporation, charitable status, insurance requirements

Volunteer Support
Managing and updating volunteer database, coordinating police checks, responding to volunteer questions

Board Membership
Meeting monthly to advise on current policy matters and future strategy; draft policies in collaboration with Executive Director; able to read / willing to learn how to read a financial statement; able to fundraise on behalf of the organization

See something you like? Complete our Volunteer Registration Sheet and send it to We'll follow up in a day or two to chat.

Is this work dangerous? Will I come in contact with the abuser? 

Working in collaboration with Toronto Police Services, Victim Services Toronto and our shelter partners, the Shelter Movers of Toronto have put a series of security and communication protocols in place to ensure our volunteers do not engage a client until we know the abuser has been arrested or is under the control of the Police. Your safety is our priority, before, during and after a move. 

The guiding principles of The Shelter Movers of Toronto are:

1. Respect for the Client - Fleeing abuse can be very hard decision for survivors. The Shelter Movers of Toronto functions on the belief that our clients' courage and decision-making power must drive our processes and be upheld at all times. 

2. Safety and Security for all - Working with our community partners (e.g. Toronto Police Services; Victim Support Toronto; Shelters) allows us to know when the abuser is out of the picture and the situation is safe. Our volunteers won't be sent to help a person flee until all reasonable steps have been taken to ensure they are working in a safe environment. 

When both principles are in place and upheld, The Shelter Movers of Toronto will be available to help. 

This sounds great, but I have more questions!

We would love to hear from you! Contact us with your questions and comments at We aim to respond within a day or two!